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Sage Developers

Sage 50 enhancements

Aston Berkeley is a Sage Development Centre and has access to tools to modify Sage 50 and add extra functionality. We have created specific products to add functionality to Sage 50 to prevent any unnecessary upgrade to Sage 200.

The Development is provided as an external add on. We interface with Sage 50 taking information out and adding it back but we don’t change the core system. This keeps your investment in Sage 50 secure and allows you to easily install the upgrades which continue to be developed by Sage.


Adds batch/lot number or serial number traceability and information related to expiry or warranty dates. It provides a simple and efficient way to record the stock movement and sales of items requiring batch/lot traceability or 'sell by' information. Full batch details are recorded on Sage's stock transaction history and are available on standard Sage reports. Batch details are recorded on Sage invoices which can be printed, faxed or e-mailed automatically to your clients. An automatic archive provides full history of invoice information including batch details. The system has been used widely by the pharmaceutical and food industry to help them comply with their necessary legislation.


Gives the ability to record stock at different locations. You can create as many locations as required covering different warehouses, bins, aisles, or vehicles. Stock can be allocated at order entry so you can control free stock at each location.

The key to the systems success is simplicity; it can be easily added to existing Sage 50 systems or installed as new. Existing sage users require no additional training.

Sage 100

Although Sage has issued an end of life statement for Sage 100 it still has many happy users. We have provided customisation service for Sage for more than 25 years from simple report changes to full bespoke system integration.

We still provide Sage 100 support and have access to comprehensive software development kits enabling you to add value by integrating third party software and data sources.