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Our application gives the user the ability to record Sage 50 stock at multiple locations. The user can create their own codes for each Sage 50 stock location covering bins, aisles, vehicles, warehouses and many more. Stock is allocated at an order entry showing free stock at each Sage 50 stock location. Unlike other systems which use a stock code, the system uses specific location codes to control multi-stock locations for Sage 50. User can view stock levels at multiple stock locations for Sage 50 and easily transfer from one location to another.

Our key to the systems success is its simplicity. As it's an add-on to Sage it can be easily added to the existing or new Sage 50. Sage users won't require any additional training. As for it's compatibility, our application is compatible with all Sage 50 versions including Sage 50c v24/2018

Small and mid-size companies use our LocationRecorder product for accurate warehouse management, handling Multi Stock Locations with Sage 50 without the necessity of upgrading to Sage 200.