Dynamics Developers

NAV Customisation

Microsoft Dynamics NAV in its standard form is a very comprehensive E.R.P. system but can be further enhanced via customisation to deal with specific requirements. A great benefit of Microsoft Dynamics NAV is the ease in which the software can be customised to suit your business needs. This has important benefits as it allows you to implement customisations during the initial implementation and also in the future to adapt to business changes.

NAV clearly identifies all amendments making it easy to implement new versions of the product as and when they are released by Microsoft. Bespoke development are separated by a unique number series of tables, code units and fields.

Simple changes such as changing filed properties or creating new fields and screen changes can be provided by our support arrangements. More complex changes and full developments are assessed and a quotation provides. Work can be underdone on a fixed prices bases or time and materials.

CRM Customisation

The standard CRM system allows general customisation to match your business requirements. You can customise a lot of elements in CRM such as the tabs, fields, page layouts and even hiding tabs or fields that you don’t need. A real strength of CRM is the ease in which it can be customised to fully suit your business

Customise entity forms – this allows users to create view or edit entity records. Use the form designer in the customization tools to create and edit

Customise dashboards – Dashboards provide a snapshot of your data in various forms by presenting data from charts, grids, IFRAMES and Web resources.

Customise templates – Create customized email templates and mail merge templates. (Customising is a powerful way of achieving a successful CRM system)

We can perform any of the above for you and also offer more complex development including complex workflow processing, system and web integration. It is possible to automate a number of your sales processes and provide clever automated responses

Let us do the organising for you!