BatchRecorder 2020 - 18/09/2019


As Sage 50 2020 update is just around the corner, we are working on bringing out an update to our BatchRecorder and LocationRecorder as well. The updates should be available within next couple of days but we suggest that you wait with the update until you have Sage 50 v26 installed on your PC. 

If you are struggling and don't know which version of Sage or Batch/LocationRecorder you are currently using contact us, our helpful Technical team will be able to help you with finding this information out. 

Make sure you check back here when your Sage 50 gets updated to see if BatchRecorder/LocationRecorder has been released yet.

Sage 50 2020 - 20/05/2019

The release of Sage 50 2020 (coming July 2019) will include a required upgrade to the Actian Zen v13 database (formerly Pervasive). Essentially, what this means is that any customers using older versions of Sage 50 or Sage 50c (cloud) will no longer be able to maintain any older version if 2020 is installed on the same computer.

Why can't Sage 50 2020 and older versions of Sage 50 or Sage 50c be installed on the same computer?
The Pervasive License Check for Sage 50 US versions 2018.2 and earlier specifically look for a Pervasive version 11 license key. When Sage 50 US 2020 is installed, Pervasive will upgrade to version 13 Actian Zen on the machine. As part of this upgrade, Pervasive/Actian makes the v11 keys inactive, leaving the new v13 keys. This will cause any earlier version of Sage 50 to no longer work as it will not have the proper key.

Why is Sage Upgrading from Pervasive v11 to Actian Zen (v13)?
Actian Zen v13 offers better Windows 10 compatibility and support coupled with improvements to the Sage 50 installation process which should result in fewer installation issues. Another benefit is that Sage 50 2020 enables updates to activation that should significantly reduce broken keys that causes the need to reactivate the software.

What if I need to maintain older versions of Sage 50?
In an effort to avoid any interruption to your business operations we recommend planning your 2020 upgrade / install, acquiring necessary equipment needed to run the different versions of Sage 50 on separate machines, and/or running Virtual Machines like VMware.

If you are interested in upgrading to Sage 50 or Sage 50c (cloud) 2020 call 01925 751 100 or email us with any questions. Alternatively, if you do need to keep older versions of Sage and need to upgrade contact us now to acquire a 2019 Sage 50 software product.

Sage Fake Subscription Emails - 15/02/2018


We have recently been made aware of an email scam doing the rounds that appears to be from Sage.

The emails will possibly come from @sagepayments {dot }org Linking to: www{dot}artevimiento{dot}com.

The email contains a link which leads to a malicious macro enabled Word document.

This time the malicious actors have specifically customised the doc to look like a Sage document (see below) - with a note requesting that Macros are enabled if document can't be viewed (and it purposefully looks corrupted).

Do not open the link or enable macros for the document.