Sage 50 2021 v27 - 03/09/2020


With the release of Sage 50 2021(v27) being just around the corner we've upgraded our addon software BatchRecorder and LocationRecorder to work with it. 
We're currently testing both of the programs to make sure that these are working 100% for when it's time to release the update to everybody.

Microsoft is killing OFF Internet Explorer after 25 years... - 01/09/2020


Microsoft is killing off their 25-year-old browser, Internet Explorer.

Microsoft announced this past week that they will be getting rid of Internet Explorer on August 17th, 2021. According to the announcement, the web app for Microsoft Teams will stop supporting the most recent version of the browser— Internet Explorer 11—this coming November, while the rest of the services apps in 365 will stop supporting it next year. Microsoft Edge will replace Explorer and will have more features than Explorer since it will rely on Chromium software which was created by Google for their Chrome browser. (Source: Independent)

Why this is important for your business:

This is important if you’ve got any online applications that rely on IE as an interface. Some older apps do. Microsoft says IE replacement browser, Edge, is faster and uses less resources than Chrome, but I’m still using Chrome.